Danish Women's Network is a network for Danish women and women with close ties to Denmark living in Bangkok, Thailand. We are a great mix of working women, expat wives, students and women passing through town for a shorter or longer period of time. Our aim is to connect members who are new to the city to likeminded women living here. 

Through our many events varying from cultural and charity events to brunches and Girls' Nights Out we try to create a space for Danish women to connect, share advice, culture new friendships - and have fun! 

Important activities during the year are Fastelavn, Skt. Hans, Påskefrokost, Mortens Aften and Julefrokost, which we recreate as close to the Danish traditions as possible when living in a tropical country.

Danish Women's Network is Danish traditions, Danish humor and Danish hygge for international women who want to make the most out of living in an amazing Asian metropolis without losing touch with their Danish roots.


Another important purpose for our group is charity work, with focus on women and children in need. We are grateful for the chance to live in beautiful Thailand and all our members welcome the opportunity to give back to those who need it more,

in the country that we currently all call home.

Danish Women's Network was founded in 1991.

Also known as Margretheklubben - named after Queen Margrethe II of Denmark